Business philosophy
The economic situation in Germany has led to the fact that most of the transformer manufactures have constrained or even stopped their production.

Thus the existent know-kow has been lost.
Often the manufacturers have no more capacity either to gain back the lost technical knowledge or expand their manufacture.

The HTB Homann Transformatorberechnung GmbH helps to solve this problem and offers its knowledge. It carries out the design of transformers or gives support for the calculation of transformers.
Business Chronicle
1984 - 1993
Having completed his degree in electrical engineering Dipl.-Ing Karl Homann began his professional career at Brown Boverie & Cie. There he worked as a constructor, calculator, in the process plannung and as leader of quality control in the department of oil transformers.
1993 - 1998
Karl Homann became the leader of the department of calculation at Hochspannungstechnik und Transformatorbau GmbH.. He was responsible for the design of cast resin and oil transformers. Furthermore the design of special transformers were assigned to him, such as rectifier- and high-current-transformers as well as Thomaregulators.
Karl Homann founded his own consulting firm with special conssideration on calculation and construction of oil and dry-type-transformers.
Foundation of HTB Homann Transformatorberechnung GmbH.
Calculation of dry-type-transformers up to series 12 from 50 kVA to 25000 kVA, greater power and other voltage on demand.
Calculation of fluid-filled-transformers up to series 36 from 50 kVA to 20000 KVA, greater power and other voltage on demand.
Calculation of dry-type and fluid-filled-converter transformers.
Advice on design and construction of transformers.
Adapted software-solutions for the calculation of transformers.
Includeing drawings and bill of materials on Microsoft Excel.
Meine Anschrift:

Homann Transformatorberechnung GmbH
Am Wittenborn 17
34346 Hann. Münden
Fon 0171 / 19 21 246

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